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i'm 21 yrs old. i work as a writer/editor for a living. i love literature, sad songs and the sea. i drink a lot of rum and red, red wine.

{Young}ist: Keep Your Hoodies Up: Zimmerman Trial Verdict Drops "Not Guilty"


By Muna Mire, {Young}ist Editor

Photo of Trayvon Martin

Until the killing of Black mother’s sons are as important to the country as the killing of a white mother’s son, those who believe in freedom cannot rest.

—Ella Baker

The U.S. justice system has failed Trayvon Martin.

The verdict in the Zimmerman…


vanilla summer’s heat and i’m writing about winter // nyc, winter 2013.
bokeh sunset, mercer street //
my first love, Manhattan.
Chrysler Building, New York / 2013
are you on your way
bokeh in upper west side, 2013
ethereal sunrise, mount pulag, 2013
sunrise in mount pulag summit = ten beaches. 
Nada Surf, Wanderland 2013

'Nature is a pretty thing, an evil thing, a strange thing; but a pretty thing. The way it changes, the way it moves, the way it breathes, it's pretty,really. and it's pretty how ignorant we can be towards it, how we think we can take take take and destroy and think it won't fight back, oh what a pretty little illusion'